Lori Leonard

Entrepreneur and the owner of Lori’s Links which provides an array of home services. Lori also writes monthly columns for Main Street newspaper and is a featured writer for Laval Families Magazine.

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Exciting new children’s book

The very talented Natasha Blasevic and Ali Tärk Fisher recently wrote and illustrated an amazing children’s book Nikolas the Klaus and the Tomtes, available for purchase early November (just in time for Christmas). It is the first story of «The Chronicles of Klausland». Natasha is the creator/illustrator and Ali reworked the story to bring out…

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Benjamin (Ben) Lachapelle

Talented artist with a generous heart Benjamin Lachapelle (fondly called Ben) is a young autistic artist who is passionate about animals. Ben, his brother Max (an excellent musician) and their mom Julie Chou live in Mirabel. Ben Animalia is a social enterprise inspired by Ben who is on a very special mission to spread joy…

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A Passion for birds

Ginette Meloche and her husband Pierre Boudreau moved to the Laurentian village of St.Hippolyte in 2011. Ginette is a bird lover and has been keenly interested in birds from a young age. Her mother raised and kept budgies for years. Ginette began raising her own birds in 2003. Her first birds, canaries, were “wonderful little…

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Let’s buy and think Canadian

A friend sent me an extremely interesting article about purchasing fresh “Canadian” produce and other items “made in Canada”.  I thought that it served as a very important reminder.  Oftentimes we purchase items out of brand loyalty, or just sheer habit.  It may be beneficial to change our way of thinking, especially during Covid to…

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Irina Marschinkowski

Irina, Singer-Songwriter-Storyteller Irina Marschinkowski, (Irina) is originally from East-Germany and moved to Canada 27 years ago to continue her career in the music industry alongside former husband and Canadian producer, Pierre A. Durivage. She currently resides in Sainte-Adèle with her common-law partner Tom and has raised her three sons who are 32, 24 and 21…

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Jean-Louis Courteau

Diver/ Underwater Photographer/Artist Extraordinaire Jean-Louis Courteau is Founder/Director of CIEL (Centre d’Interprétation des Eaux Laurentiennes), Lac des Seize Iles. His work at CIEL is voluntary; he makes his living by painting and writing. He has exhibited his artwork in galleries and museums in Canada, the US, France, and in private/corporate collections worldwide. jeanlouiscourteau.blogspot.com Jean-Louis lives…

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The Power of Music

All of us enjoy listening to music, but did you know that it is scientifically proven that music enhances our lives in a myriad of ways? Your musical taste is influenced by music your parents listened to when you were young. You enjoy a favourite song because it is related to an intense emotional experience…

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Sharing Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions provide us with a sense of belonging to our own particular family and link us to our family’s history. Traditional celebrations have been around for centuries and allow us to express ourselves in our own special way. Traditions can also be shared amongst friends or community or passed down from great-grandparents or grandparents,…

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