A Passion for birds

Ginette Meloche and her husband Pierre Boudreau moved to the Laurentian village of St.Hippolyte in 2011.

Ginette is a bird lover and has been keenly interested in birds from a young age. Her mother raised and kept budgies for years. Ginette began raising her own birds in 2003. Her first birds, canaries, were “wonderful little singers”. Later, in 2005, Ginette acquired an interest in cockatiels and budgies. This opened up a whole new world!

Canaries, cockatiels and budgies became her friends and the number of birds she raised grew and grew. Ginette became an expert on these three types of birds. Ginette chose these particular types of birds as she finds pleasure in listening to the delightful songs of canaries, enjoys communicating with budgies and cockatiels, well, they just make her laugh!

Ginette differentiates the sex of the birds depending on the type of bird.  For example, only male canaries sing. Sexing of cockatiels is completed by DNA testing and the wax on budgies’ beaks changes colour at six months old.

Since Ginette has female and male birds, she has the pleasure of overseeing their eggs until babies arrive. Mother birds cover their eggs and babies arrive after 21 days. Lots of TLC must be given to the babies which Ginette happily provides.

Ginette patiently feeds baby cockatiels and budgies by hand from the age of 14 days to ensure they will be used to the human touch to become companion birds.

All three types of birds have different cage requirements to ensure their comfort. Canaries fly from left to right and budgies and cockatiels like to climb. There is quite a difference in the size of these birds, larger birds require larger cages.

Ginette would like bird lovers to know that when they decide to take on a bird, they are taking on a responsibility for many years. Canaries and budgies can live for 8 to10 years and cockatiels for 18 to 20 years.

Birds have the same needs as we do. They must be kept at room temperature, a healthy diet must be maintained and a proper environment. Their diet consists of a balance of grains, fruits and vegetables.

Canaries do well living alone in a cage, while other birds may prefer to share their cage with another bird. Of course, birds thrive best when provided with love and attention. No doubt, Ginette’s birds have lots of that!

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