And then after

Once the painting is finished what is left behind…only the memory of a thought, a gesture that stems from a sleeping fantasy and with time has changed into passion.

We imagine it, idealize it, we think about it, we try to feel what will result from it. Will the act be as grandiose as the imaginary?

Will the illusion be in the image of its expectations? Creating is an intimate relationship behind closed door. The subconscious that dares to leave its rectitude and plunges into uncertainty.

No one can see what is really going on between the artist and his work. It is a hidden relationship that is passed from the fingertips, a brush that caresses a canvas to leave a thought.

Once signed and it is in the sight of all, you look at it discreetly without allowing the world to glimpse at the history that was between you two.  A little smile, a fantasy that is no more, a soft reality.

And then after….it leaves.

À propos de l'auteur / Michelle Thibault - En

Visual artist, I use encaustic to shape my paintings.The aesthetic concept of wabi sabi is my source of inspiration. I see beauty in imperfection, the wear and tear becomes sweet memories and simplicity becomes stillness. I am wabi sabi.

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