Brewster’s seventh novel entertains

Long-time Laurentian-based writer Robert C. Brewster’s seventh work of fiction delivers the same home-spun fun as its predecessors.  Jacob’s Story is the third instalment of the Judge Jackson and Sheriff Clayton series set in fictional Clayton County in the Florida panhandle.

We are quickly brought up-to-date from Clarity Must Prevail, an international thriller.  The author’s first in the series A Moment of Clarity, revolves around a twenty five year old cold case murder trial featuring Alzheimer’s patient, Jacob Jeebs as a key legal precedent –setting witness.

This time a renowned director and cast of a-list actors featuring the legendary Morgan Freeman have come to town to make a film about the trial and the man whose testimony was exceptional.

Once again, we enter the lives of the judge and Tina, the sheriff and Mavis, John and Savannah, and Matt and Jessica among others who frequent Bert’s Shore Bar and Grill, the Lobster Shack, Pete’s Pizza-torium and of course Doris the Donut Queen.  We can almost taste the food, not to mention the fare cooked up on the Bar-B-Q at Jackson Manor.

There are surprises that punctuate the story which keep the narrative rolling and hold the reader’s interest.  This is a feel good book in the spirit of its predecessors: Clarity Must Prevail and A Moment of Clarity.  Fans of the Judge Jackson and Sheriff Clayton novels will be pleased to know that the next instalment, Clarity Comes to Clayton, will arrive in early April of 2019.

Bob Brewster’s books are available at both the Saint -Sauveur and Morin- Heights libraries.  For further information about all his books and links to where to purchase them, check out his website:  And experience all the artistic things this man has done.

À propos de l'auteur / Steve Brecher

Steve Brecher has resided in Saint-Sauveur (Quebec) for the past 20 years with his wife Lise. He writes occasionally in the Main Street newspaper.

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