Irina Marschinkowski

Irina, Singer-Songwriter-Storyteller

Irina Marschinkowski, (Irina) is originally from East-Germany and moved to Canada 27 years ago to continue her career in the music industry alongside former husband and Canadian producer, Pierre A. Durivage. She currently resides in Sainte-Adèle with her common-law partner Tom and has raised her three sons who are 32, 24 and 21 there. Irina was trained as an elementary school teacher in East Germany and now works as a secretary at a school in Sainte-Adèle.

Irina’s passions are singing-song writing and storytelling. She travelled to Canada to pursue a career in the music industry. Irina recently released her fifth studio album and for the first time, has control over all rights and distribution.

Irina truly enjoys music, dancing, teaching, learning and of course, spending time with family. In her past time Irina also enjoys creating “halo lights”.

About her book/CD – The Key to Harmony

Irina was born in a peaceful time; many years after her country led and lost the two most destructive wars in human history. The collective guilt weighed heavily on the nation. A wall was built to prevent further wars. When it came down, it brought insecurity and new possibilities. In her book, Ira aspires to find harmony. On her journey through the enchanted forest, she must brave challenges of four elements: water, fire, air and earth.  Will the lessons learned through fairy tales suffice to complete the tasks? Realizing that the highest walls often reside within, Ira learns that heritage can be both an oppressive and liberating force.

Cloaked in the magic of classical tales, this adventure story contains autobiographical and fictional elements. Irina chose 14 of her Folk-Pop songs, one to accompany each chapter. Photographs of the magnificent Laurentian landscapes serve as the visual canvas in her book. This book-CD project is a tribute to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of World War One. It celebrates freedom and peace.

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