Who said that drawing is the writing of forms?  The truth is that art must be the writing of life.

Edouard Manet

Art is a universal form of expression. The author uses words to form images and feelings. The painter uses images to write a story.

I love to write may it be with the nib of a calligraphy pen, a paintbrush or a keyboard…..I love to express myself with my scribbles, unreadable on the canvas. Always the same beginning of a sentence that I finish in my head.

Life took away the pen from my fingers, except when I am insecure where the words run on scraps of paper that I rip after.

Now I express myself on canvas with shapes and colors, with silhouettes that are mute and I let people see the story they want to read and they can transpose their own.

« Life is a river », that…to be continued.

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Visual artist, I use encaustic to shape my paintings.The aesthetic concept of wabi sabi is my source of inspiration. I see beauty in imperfection, the wear and tear becomes sweet memories and simplicity becomes stillness. I am wabi sabi.

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