What exactly is Home-Staging?

Home-staging is the process of preparing and transforming a property for sale – in order to appeal to the greatest number of buyers, for the highest profit and a quicker sale.

90% of home buyers begin their property search on-line. Buyers know within 30 seconds whether they are interested in a particular home. Therefore, a well-staged home in tandem with beautiful photos is critical to attract buyers, to obtain more visits and encourage the best selling price.


A “Home-staging” consultation is completed by a professional who will offer you a room-by-room assessment of your home. The consultant will suggest improvements to enhance/ prepare your home for the market place.

A consultation lasts approximately two hours, or more for larger homes.

The assessment may be documented by the home owner, or if preferred, a report will be submitted by the consultant. The consultation usually includes, (depending on the property and its needs), furnishing suggestions (removal and or replacement), paint colours, décor, lighting information, necessary repairs and updates, and suggestions to declutter certain areas!

With a consultation, the home owner must complete all the work themselves. They must also take the time to resource and purchase the furniture, accessories ,bedding etc. needed and install and arrange it themselves. They must also oversee the improvements and painting required.

With a Home Staging, the “Home-stager”, takes care of all of the resourcing, can supply or rent furniture and accessories and will tastefully decorate your home to look its absolute best. The stager may also oversee repairs, painting and refinishing upon request.

For a good, comprehensive “Home-staging”consultation, and or full “Home Staging” the price varies depending on the size , condition and number of rooms of the property.


For more information  please contact me, Wendy Trautwein  at 438 939 2963 Nuancesdunord@gmail.com

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My name is Wendy Trautwein and I am a professional designer and home-stager with more than 20 years of expertise in the field of design. I have home-staged many properties and have also assisted clients with their home renovations. I have personally renovated and flipped various homes and luxury condos in Montreal. I now live in the Laurentians and offer my services both here and the Montreal area. www.facebook.com/nuancesdunord


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