When the Wind is Cold, the House is Warm

‘When the Wind is Cold, the House is Warm’, it’s the title of an EP (Extended Play), an album of five songs that the singer-songwriter and performer Jean-Guy Lacroix will launch, Saturday, October12, Rickksroom, Wentworth North.

The EP will also be offered on all Internet platforms.

When we ask Jean-Guy where these songs come from, he tells us first of all that he has been making music since his childhood. At a very young age, he learned the guitar as an autodidact, then began to sing, which led him to study singing at the Conservatoire. He could have continued in classical singing, but too many existential questions lived in him, so he went into philosophy. From there, he went to teaching. Such was his first occupation: to teach philosophy. He has also worked in education sciences. However, « chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop », the music resurfaced in his life, this time through writing. By writing songs, he could combine his love of singing and music with his passion for words and ideas.

In the 1990s, he was very active in music, giving a hundred shows and producing two albums, one of which was distributed in France. Then, the circumstances of life demanding, Jean-Guy had to leave the music a few years, but now that he retired to the North to live closer to nature, as expected once again, the music came knocking on his door. First there was an album with the Soul Crafters, two long-time friends having asked him to sing and play harmonica with them, then the meeting of a neighbor, musician – ah! – who quickly became a friend and a great collaborator, the artist Charles-Antoine Gosselin. And here the music’s back again!

During the last two winters, the two accomplices recorded songs in Charles-Antoine’s home studio, a two-minute walk from Jean-Guy’s, where they met to listen and chat about work, with a drink or two: beautiful meetings often joined by their spouses, Marie-Hélène and Wendy, also friends. So, while it was cold outside, and the snow was snowing, it was hot in these musicians. This connivance is reflected in the result. All the elements marry with happiness: voices, music and lyrics. 

In a new folk style, this opus creates comforting, soothing, haunting atmospheres. The guitars of Charles-Antoine are superb, and his arrangements woven with care. Jean-Guy’s voice is rich, warm, deep, intimate. And when Antoine joins his, in a higher register, their two voices blend harmoniously. When Marie-Hélène comes to decorate the whole of some notes, her soft voice coaxes us. The texts signed Jean-Guy and Claudius, a Madelinot instigator of the Soul Crafters, are beautiful and convey various messages without imposing anything. The text of the song ‘De Visage En Vie Sage’ was written by the well-known Gaspé poet Sylvain Rivière, another friend of Jean-Guy’s, whom he met when he lived in the Iles-de-la-Madeleine.

Traces Magazine invites you to listen to the latest musical proposal of Jean-Guy Lacroix from October 12, ‘When the Wind is Cold, the House is Warm’.

Jean-Guy will be performing in the North over the next year.

Will you be there? Us, yes!

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