I like you, you like me, a waltz of numbers, a tarantella of fans. Not easy to sell art from social networks, by the way, not easy to sell period.

I think too much emphasis is placed on all those numbers. « Like » friends, peers, family, pure strangers.

What about social networking algorithms that decide who sees what. Like lost in space.

If you browse social networks as I do, flipping down the wall at high speed and backing up once in a while if something attracts me,you are not lucky if your beautiful canvas finds itself in between, photos of cats, dogs, or political messages, hateful ones, and beautiful bikini girls. I have not seen anything, I am suffering from selective blindness.

If I behave this way, I can understand that the majority do as I do and if this is the case, neither seen nor known …. next. Why then wait to count those liked to see if people like it or not.

When I had a school, the classical question from the students was, « you like? ». I would turn with the grace of an ostrich, lift an eyebrow and bam … .. « and you like? »

It is the only like that has importance. Above all we must love what we do and the rest will follow.

Just as before, the desire to showcase our paintings has resulted in a number of rental galleries being created to fill and exploit this need, now it is the seminars and advertisements that offer you magical recipes of SEO1, fans and likes.

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Michelle Thibault - En

À propos de l'auteur / Michelle Thibault - En

Visual artist, I use encaustic to shape my paintings.The aesthetic concept of wabi sabi is my source of inspiration. I see beauty in imperfection, the wear and tear becomes sweet memories and simplicity becomes stillness. I am wabi sabi.

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